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Posted by on July 28, 2014

Continuing with my association with the Star Wars Celebration events, I had the opportunity to go to Germany. I wanted to do something related to The Return of the Jedi and did some sketches to work out the details for the new flyer. They had large sticky paper attached to the walls that I used to show the class how to draw the characters. It was a little slow instructing the class going through a translator.


The day after I taught the class, two of the students came up to my exhibitors booth and showed me the drawings that they had done on their own. I didn’t teach them how to draw any of those characters. They just used the coins and made the characters all on their own. Jar Jar Binks is my favorite of the drawings below. The boy who drew it traced around the DIS coin to start his design, but then he didn’t follow the method at all. I like to think that he didn’t really need the coin to be able to draw the characters. But, because he had the coin, he had the confidence to start his design.  SEE! Drawing IS Simple.


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