How to Draw an Energy Trail

Jun/26 By

Jinx photoshop tutorial One of the many advantages to drawing digitally is the ease of creating special effects. I can’t wait to show off this book!

Publishing Contract!

Jun/18 By

What a roller coaster! All the way back in July of 2018, I made my first contact with Quarto Publishing. After building a relationship with that first contact, everything went

DrawingIsSimple at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Apr/11 By

The #DrawingIsSimple system all started with an invitation from Lucasfilm to help out at the Star Wars Celebration event. I was thrilled to be able to continue this relationship at

DIS-ney at Sea!

Jan/12 By

Back in November of 2018 I was selected to be one of the official artists in the Star Wars Art Show at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Chicago. Around


Sep/11 By

I reached out to a Patent attorney and explained that I’ve been partnering with Trends International on my DrawingIsSimple project for quite some time now and that they have decided

The Comic-Con Connection

Aug/1 By

At this year’s San Diego Comic-con I made a wonderful new contact with a book publisher. They have expressed some interest in the DrawingIsSimple process, and I would LOVE to

End of the Line

Nov/9 By

I can truly and honestly say that the people that I’ve been working with at Trends International are some of the most honorable and caring people that I’ve ever worked

Marvel Licensing

Jul/29 By

My Product Manager at Trends International has been working diligently to secure a licensing agreement so we can begin production with various properties. We have received the green light from

New York Toy Fair

Feb/12 By

The North American International Toy Fair is the largest toy and youth entertainment product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere. Nearly 13,000 buyers from 100 countries will come to New York to see

Introducing Craig Crawford

Jan/23 By

While looking through the Theseus vs. The Minotaur book my brother paused on the page for Daedalus’ Labyrinth. He said, “This looks like intestines. You should make a DrawingIsSimple zombie book and

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