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Drawing Is Simple (DIS) is a patented pending system to easily create illustrations. It all starts by tracing around the DIS coin and marking the guides, then follow the instructions on the DIS Cards to create your own characters. This simple method builds confidence by creating a easy to follow method for drawing.

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Another Drawing Kit

May/28 By

Happy Holidays! I just received great news from the sales department that Quarto is going to publish a trade edition of the You Can Draw Comic Book Characters kit under their own Chartwell imprint (which

May the Science be with you!

May/4 By

Way back in 2016, my friend introduced me to a very special Star Wars and Science event held at the Desert Research Institute in Las Vegas called “May the Science

Drawing Kit

May/6 By

I’m thrilled to learn from my publisher that they will be creating a Make Your Own Comic Book Kit as a custom order for Sterling publishing, which is an imprint of Barnes & Noble! The kit will


Nov/7 By

Cleaning my office and I rediscovered some character designs from my DISgusting: a Zombie Story. It’s been a LONG time since I first posted about this idea, and seeing these

Publishing Day!

Aug/18 By

The day is finally here! Happy Publication Day for You Can Draw Comic Book Characters! Check out the video section to see some of the tutorials on how to draw the

How to Draw an Energy Trail

Jun/26 By

Jinx photoshop tutorial One of the many advantages to drawing digitally is the ease of creating special effects. I can’t wait to show off this book!

Publishing Contract!

Jun/18 By

What a roller coaster! All the way back in July of 2018, I made my first contact with Quarto Publishing. After building a relationship with that first contact, everything went

DrawingIsSimple at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Apr/11 By

The #DrawingIsSimple system all started with an invitation from Lucasfilm to help out at the Star Wars Celebration event. I was thrilled to be able to continue this relationship at

DIS-ney at Sea!

Jan/12 By

Back in November of 2018 I was selected to be one of the official artists in the Star Wars Art Show at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Chicago. Around


Sep/11 By

I reached out to a Patent attorney and explained that I’ve been partnering with Trends International on my DrawingIsSimple project for quite some time now and that they have decided

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