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Posted by on January 16, 2015

One of the greatest challenges of having an idea for a new product if figuring out how to launch that product. Sure, we can layout the concept, have a prototype made, and put together a website, but that doesn’t guarantee that anyone will see your product or care about it. I’ve been working to build a fan base so that I can communicate directly with those people who are interested in the content that I’m creating, but my reach is limited. Some times the best way to get traction for your concept is to realize your shortcomings and find a partner that will make you better.

I’m thrilled to announce that Trends International has caught the spirit of DrawingIsSimple and that we are partnering up to bring this to the world. It’s a long and complicated process but it’s going to be wonderful! I have the coin designed, I have sample drawing instructions, and have been testing and refining the product. Trends has large scale manufacturing, distribution partners, and licensing agreements.



We have filed for patent protection and Trends has approached their licensing partners. At this point Marvel and Warner Bros. (including DC) have approved the licensing for DrawingIsSimple. We feel that Disney will come around after we gain some traction and of course, we’ll be working on Star Wars for sure.


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