DIS at the Strong

Nov/15 By

Some of my wonderful friends from the 501st Legion invited me to be a guest at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester New York. Every year they have a Star

Vegas Valley Library Show

Aug/31 By

I’ve got some friends up in Vegas that have invited me to come and hang out for the weekend and attend the Vegas Valley Library show. It’s just a one

DIS in Germany

Jul/28 By

Continuing with my association with the Star Wars Celebration events, I had the opportunity to go to Germany. I wanted to do something related to The Return of the Jedi

Theseus vs. The Minotaur

Feb/20 By

While I was out at the Star Wars Celebration event I met with a publisher to see if I could make an officially licensed DrawingIsSimple Star Wars book. I had

The first class

Aug/26 By

WELL! This was kind of a big deal. I’ve been blessed to be able to make limited edition art prints for a Star Wars Celebration event in Japan (2008) and in Florida

Drawing IS simple

Aug/21 By

The first step in any new project is to look and see if the domain name is available. Having secured DrawingIsSimple.com, I plan to set out on this new adventure

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